Introducing Me

As you will see from my About page my name is Dawn. I am a mammy to two beautiful boys, Nathan and Jacob, and married to Sean.

The reason I have finally decided to start a blog is to give myself a voice. I want a virtual diary so that I can share the good with the bad. And hopefully through my experiences I can help someone else.

I have a really good life, I have my family, my friends, my house, a job and so many things to be thankful for but I also suffered with Post Natal Depression after both boys and am now I am having fertility problems. These are two subjects that are uncomfortable to talk about and I don’t find, from my experience, that people are willing to share. So therefore, sometimes it can be lonely to have no one that truly understands the heartache.

I know how lucky I am to have two children already, however, the want for a child outweighs any reasoning. To know the miracle of creating your own flesh and blood, to feel the baby grow and move inside of you, it’s an amazing gift.

The day after having my first boy Nathan I was lying in the hospital bed with my deflated tummy and although Nathan was in my arms I said to Sean that I missed the movement in my belly, I missed being pregnant. He nearly dropped to the floor in shock 🙂

The last few years have been a whirlwind. In 2008 we bought our house, the following year we got engaged and a few weeks later found out we were pregnant with Nathan. Nathan was born in 2010 and exactly a year later we got married. Jacob was born a year later in 2012 and we have been busy ever since with our little monkeys. On New Year’s Eve 2014 we decided to start trying for another baby, the boys were getting big and the time was right – so we thought. Over two years later we are still trying.

It got to 18 months and I knew something was wrong. I started to get disheartened and upset every month when it didn’t happen. Close friends told me it was probably just stress and that I should try forget about it and it might happen. I knew it was time to go seek some professional help, be proactive and get some answers …………………………


to be continued


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