A Visit to the Doctors

Summer 2016- A visit to the doctors:

I made an appointment and nervously went in, hoping to be told I had nothing to worry about. I had recently changed GP’s and am so glad I did. The level of understanding and care I received was second to none and I wasn’t with the practice very long. My bloods were taken and I was referred to my gynaecologist. There was nothing abnormal in my bloods, only the length of time I had been trying warranted further investigation.

I felt like the appointment for my gynaecologist would never come. While waiting, I had repeat bloods on Day 3 and Day 21 of my cycle. This was important to give a clear indication of how my hormone levels were. After chatting with a good friend and explaining my worries she gave me a card for Dr. Phil Boyle of the Neo Fertility Clinic in Dublin. Of course, I rang but was told in August that he was so busy that the next appointment was November – Seriously! My heart sank. I had no time to wait, I wanted to get down to the root of the problem asap, I wanted a baby, yesterday!

The receptionist explained that they had recently taken on another consultant and that she had been shadowing Dr. Boyle for a number of weeks and if I wanted I could have an appointment with her, Dr. Michelle Morris. I jumped at the chance and got an appointment for 20th September. In the meantime, my gynaecologist got back to me with an appointment for the 17th September. Of course, I went to see both. Two different approaches, two different opinions, why not, I was desperate.


My first appointment was with my OB/GYN on a Saturday morning. I was so nervous but so excited too – I was finally going to get some answers. She did a scan and found that my left ovary had 7/8 small cysts/follicles. Not enough to be Poly Cystic, so that wasn’t the problem she explained. She wanted to arrange for a Hysterosalpingogram – HSG scan which would check my womb and that my fallopian tubes were patent. Being patent means, in my understanding, that the dye that is injected inside my womb would be able to exit my fallopian tubes without meeting any blockages. This scan was to be arranged on my next cycle.

Neo Fertility:

This appointment was only a few days later, Tuesday. It was a bit of a whirlwind, so much information. I had to start charting every cycle. I gave Dr. Morris a history and my blood results. I discussed with her the cysts/follicles found in my left ovary. She asked me about my moods, sleep pattern, weight and to describe in detail my cycles. I left with a prescription and a book to track my cycles and I was really confused. There was so much medical jargon and meds I had to digest, my head felt like it was going to explode. The only saving grace with the Neo Fertility clinic is you are put in touch with a Fertility Advisor. I was given her name and I knew I would be ok.

Fertility Advisor:

The lady was local and I knew her, I was so pleased and rang her the very next day. I asked her could we meet so she could explain how I was to track and to go through what was discussed at the meeting – I was so over whelmed. The meeting went great, she took her time, explained everything, explained the meds, the tracking, and the importance of relaxing. The same day I was baking, from early, for my sister’s 30th birthday, glowing with tan and had to go home and ice 60 buns and a cake and then decorate the Marquee and get hair and makeup done ahhhhhhh!. Relax – not possible!

I gave myself the weekend off to enjoy myself and started on the medication on Monday. This consisted of Metformin to treat Polycystic Ovaries, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin D3, Morepa Platinum Omega 3’s, Pregnacare Conception and LDN – Low Dose Naltrexone. The girls in the local chemist were amazing, they were and are always on hand with any questions or worries I have and are so supportive each month. They really helped starting all this medication so much easier.

I am very fortunate to be in a position to attain all this help and with the support of my parents, husband and family was able to positively take action. I am not the type of person to sit back and let things take over me so I had no choice to be proactive. This was only the start and nothing happens overnight I know that, but still when October came along and I wasn’t pregnant it hurt. It’s like your heart breaks just a little, a slight crack and you can physically feel the pain. My coping mechanism is to eat some chocolate, have a little cry and then get excited about the next month. Pick myself back up and plan ahead ……………………

to be continued

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