Getting Started on the Meds

Once the weekend of celebrating for my sisters 30th was over it was back to reality. On Monday morning, I started taking my medication. No hormones at this stage, just medication to get my body function normally and my vitamin levels up. The reason behind this is the clinic want two more sets of bloods including AMH, which is an egg count and level of vitamin D3. My review appointment was scheduled for the end of November.

Eleven tablets later I went off to work, not feeling any different. Little did I know starting the tablets that one of them wouldn’t suit me. LDN – Low Dose Naltrexone is a new tablet used in fertility, for me it was supposed to help me sleep, help with anxiety, moods etc. However, there are side effects in some people of vivid dreams and of course I am one of those people. I took them for a few weeks but had to stop, I was exhausted. I had so many vivid dreams every night, I was waking up confused, upset, angry and just worn out. They just weren’t for me. Poor Sean didn’t know what was going on most mornings. I was either cross with him for something that happened in my dreams or really upset. I think he thought I was losing my mind 😊

I came off them just in time, as it happened, as I had a weekend planned with my sisters in Liverpool. I wasn’t allowed drink while taking LDN but was glad of a few glasses of vino to help me relax while I was away. I didn’t expect much from Liverpool but was pleasantly surprised. It is a gorgeous city. We went from Friday to Sunday and packed loads in while we were there. On Friday night, we booked a comedy show in Comedy Central, included was a meal in Panam on Albert Dock. The package was very reasonably priced and the meal was gorgeous. There were a few good comedians performing on the night and a few giggles were had.

On Saturday, we did a bus tour of the city, so we could at least say we saw most of the sites. Then it was up on the Ferris Wheel and the Merry Go Round like big kids. We had a beautiful tapas lunch with a cocktail on Albert Square and then enjoyed the sun sitting outside The Pump House. All in all it was a great weekend. I was delighted to get home to see Sean and the kids on Sunday evening.

My Hysterosalpingogram was scheduled for the following Monday morning, up early and into the hospital. It was a fairly quick procedure, I won’t get into the details, just to say it was very uncomfortable but it didn’t last long enough to warrant any drama. I was told there and then that my tubes were fine and my womb was slightly on the small size. However, I carried two 8lb babies so it stretches fine.

October was just meds and bloods and charting every day of my cycle, waiting for the signs of fertility to know the optimum time to conceive. All the while it didn’t matter, my progesterone was too low for conception. Not only did I have to worry about getting pregnant, I also had to worry about holding a pregnancy. I was told that low progestogen levels more than likely would result in a miscarriage. I still prayed for a miracle at the same time.  I phoned my October results into the clinic the first week of November and as I had two sets of bloods phoned in since my last appointment they could bring my review date up by two weeks. I got excited, I knew the next appointment meant starting me on hormones and although this seemed daunting, it meant that my results should start to get better and I was optimistic this would help me get pregnant. I made the appointment for a Monday and Sean and I planned to go into Dublin city afterwards to see all the Christmas lights and get started on our Christmas Shopping. Longest two weeks of my life………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

To be continued

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