Food Intolerance Test Results

As part of the fertility treatment the Neo Fertility Clinic suggested a Food Intolerance Test which I had done just over two weeks ago. The consultant took a vile of my blood and sent if off to be analysed. The reason behind this is that some foods can act as fertility blockages for example: wheat and dairy.

Well the results are in; my life is over 😊 Dramatic or what!! I have intolerances towards the following foods:

  • 95 Milk (cow)
  • 52 Potato
  • 51 Milk (Goat)
  • 50 Cashew Nut
  • 47 Corn (Maize)
  • 47 Yeast (Brewer’s)
  • 43 Barley
  • 41 Wheat
  • 40 Egg White
  • 39 Pistachio
  • 28 Oat
  • 28 Peanut
  • 26 Trout
  • 26 Yeast (Baker’s)

The numbers beside each food group indicates the level of intolerance. Borderline foods are between 24 and 29. The higher the number the worse the intolerance is. So now you can see why my life if over – no more chocolate and wine or any alcohol for that matter is out the window.

I know, I know, I know, it’s only a food intolerance test and not an allergy test and I can still eat the foods and suffer later but for the sake of getting healthier and for fertility reasons and I going to do my best to stick to it for now. Maybe introducing foods back in at a later date.

I just rang Sean and he told me he was going to divorce me if I give up chocolate, my boss told me to start working from home, I swear I am not a crazy person without chocolate, but I might get a little cranky!!

The next few days will be spent researching foods I can eat. It mostly eliminates processed foods and carbs. All fruit and Veg are ok, nuts are not a problem as I don’t like them. However, carbs are going to be an issue. This is where I need your help. If you have any suggestions or are in a similar situation please email or pm me with ideas or recipes.

I can’t believe I have an intolerance to potatoes – I’m Irish for goodness sake. Rice it is so – every night. Help!!!!!!!

I will be so skinny in a few weeks. I am going to weigh in this evening, start as I mean to go on. I will post weekly updates of weight loss and hopefully in a few weeks after cutting all this stuff out the results will be amazing – here’s hoping!

I already have lasagne ready for this evening so can’t help that but I have a really healthy lunch with me. Big changes, starting tomorrow……………………………………….

To be continued


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