Getting Engaged

On the Friday 11th of September 2009 Sean asked me to marry him. It was a whirlwind of excitement. Sean had arranged that we both had the day off work. I was blind folded that morning and put into the car, prepared for the surprise ahead. We got to Emo Court and Sean took me for a walk. He had a bag in his hand and wouldn’t tell me what it was. I hate surprises, I was not born with no patience and the suspense was killing me to know what was in the bag. He took me down a path that was covered in trees, like a tunnel.

Approximately half way down we stopped and out of the bag came a box. Very intriguing!!! Sean held it while I opened it and inside was a bottle of champagne and stuck to the front of it was a little note saying, “Will You Marry Me”. I couldn’t believe and it was so overwhelmed. I hugged him straight away and we were both very emotional. A few minutes later he said, “You didn’t answer me”. Oooops I got carried away – forgot to say Yes! Of course, it was YES!

We stayed in Emo for a few minutes, Sean carved our initials and the date into the tree beside us, but the excitement was bursting. We made it back to the car and I called my Mammy straight away. She was screaming and shouting with excitement down the phone and couldn’t believe it. I called my Dad (who already knew – fill you in later) and then called my sisters and my closest family and friends. Mam did the rest. Sean called his family too. We went back to Mammy’s house to fill her in properly and then it was on to Newbridge to pick a ring.

Fields in Newbridge was our jewellers of choice – Sean had it prearranged and they were so helpful. Rings were coming from everywhere but of course it was the first one I tried on that I went back to. It had to be ordered as they didn’t have my size. Heart-breaking to come away without my ring but it was worth the wait. We met up in the local pub for drinks that night to celebrate with my family. And the following night we went to celebrate with Sean’s family. An amazing weekend.

Sean went for a drink with my Dad the night before the engagement in Dad’s local pub. I wasn’t really that suspicious as we were both off the next day so why not. Dad goes out most Thursday nights so he just joined him. I later found out that the reason behind this night out was Sean wanted to ask him for his blessing for my hand in marriage before he asked me. Old fashioned I know, but it was a mark of respect and Daddy really appreciated it. So, did I. The next day, Friday, Daddy knew what was coming. He kept ringing Mam all morning asking her if she had any news. She thought he was going mad. He would never ring her so often.

We planned an engagement party for four weeks’ time, Sean’s family were heading away on holidays for a few weeks so we wanted to make sure everyone was there. We are from different towns not far from each other so instead of picking one over the other we settled on neutral territory – The Fisherman’s Inn. It was perfect for a great night.

In the meantime, we had booked a night away in The Killerig Resort in Carlow. It was a gift from Fields when we purchased our ring. We made the booking for 2 weeks after we got engaged. It was lovely to get away and step back from the madness that ensued with getting engaged. The hotel was gorgeous and we were upgraded to a Junior Suite. We had a beautiful dinner in the hotel and I had a glass of wine. It didn’t taste right. Strange, it would be my drink of choice. I said it to Sean and said I just wasn’t feeling it tonight. We went back up to the room after dinner and got an early night. The next day came and I was aware that my periods were due but no sign. Only a day late so wasn’t getting too worried. On the way home I got Sean to stop at the chemist and I picked up a pregnancy test just in case. As I said no patience.

When we got home there was a match on. Sean made himself comfortable on the couch and I went to unpack. I did the test and continued doing a few jobs. The results were in, it was positive. As clear as day, Pregnant 3-4 weeks………………………………………………………………

To be continued

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