March – The Month of Many Weathers

I started into March down in the dumps and just heartbroken. But as I said before I had to pick myself up and look forward to the next month. I think a positive attitude helps things along. I started my new cycle on March 2nd and on day three and four I took my fermara x 5 on each day. I called the OBGYN to arrange follicle tracking for day 9. This has become so important to me as it helps me understand what is happening inside. How my body is responding to the hormones and if this month is looking good. Well it was all good news this month with my results, things were looking up. But don’t get too excited – no pregnancy yet.

On Day 9, I went for follicle tracking, Aideen greeted a very upset me. I found it hard to hold back my disappointment of last month and getting my periods. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am always hoping for the best and miracles so that when it doesn’t happen the disappointment is huge. Aideen could see that I was upset and explained a few things. My scan showed that I had a follicle 17.9mm – this was a good size for day 9 but not ready to rupture yet. The scan also showed the many follicles or cysts in my left ovary. Aideen asked me out of the blue “what do you do to be creative”. I thought I misheard her at first and asked her to repeat herself. She put me on the spot. I couldn’t think of anything off hand and just replied that I don’t really take much time to myself for anything. Aideen explained that in Chinese medicine your left side is your female side and your creative side. By being creative you are forcing your left side to work and this may help it to be more functional.

This is where “Get Creative” came from. Aideen told me to go home and even if I just did some art with the boys or found a hobby for myself this would help. When I thought about it afterwards, although I don’t sit down with the kids for art time as they are so busy, I am very creative in my own ways. I love to partake in interior design, I think I have a good eye for it, I am also very creative in the garden and love putting together plants and colours and creating a calming space. I love to bake and decorate cakes and buns and there are loads of different ideas rolling around in my head at any given time. So, although I am not obviously creative, I am definitely not without creativity.

I was scheduled back in for another appointment a few days later, on day 12. This time the follicle had grown to a juicy size of 24mm, it was ready to pop. I arranged for my HCG injection to be given that night as advised by the fertility clinic and then the next morning I got a positive result on the ovulation tests. Everything was looking good. I had a few days of good mucus and from this I was able to calculate my peak day. My review appointment was the 20th and I was full of hope going up there. I met with Dr. Michelle and we went through my charts briefly and then discussed changing my medication going forward. I also told her what Aideen had suggested about taking Co-Enzyme’s and Exputex – she agreed and included them on my updated medication list. Then she suggested the Food Intolerance test. This was quick and simple and a whopping €135.00 on top of the consultation fee. But as you can see from my previous post about the results it is worth it to find out.

A few days passed and on peak plus seven I got my bloods done – Progesterone and Oestrodial. I was optimistic this month and couldn’t wait to get the results a few days later. I remember ringing the nurse and it felt like I was getting my leaving cert results all over again. The butterflies in my tummy were flying all over the place. The nurse nearly knows me at this stage and when she gave me my Progerterone result I had a little screech of excitement. It was 50.4. Such a huge jump from last month and I was thrilled. The Oestrogen was also good at 537. I felt so positive this month and of course was wishing and hoping that this was it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be this month either and although getting my periods upset me I was so hopeful as the results were finally looking up. April, this was going to be the month………………………………

To be continued


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