PHI Brows

Last Wednesday, on my week off, I got Phi Brows/Micro Blading done in La Belladonna Hair and Beauty Salon in Monasterevin, County Kildare.

As you can see from my before picture my own eyebrows were very thin and the hair was sparse. I had scaring from chicken pox as a child and hence bald patches where the hair wouldn’t grow. When I applied make up I would always fill them in as you can see from the pictures below.

I love a good brow, I think it helps shape your face and define your features and was longing to get micro-blading done for so long. An opportunity arose and when I was on my week off I made an appointment.

Judi, my therapist for the afternoon was so nice, very kind and inviting and made me feel at ease immediately. She also got me excited about the end result. Judi spent quite some time preparing my brows. My eyes were closed but she used the prep time to draw the shape of the brow to suit my face, using time and precision. Once she was finished I was allowed have a look and make any changes I liked to suit my preferences.

It was time to start the micro-blading. Judi drew on one stroke so that I knew how it felt and what I was in store for. It wasn’t pleasant but as they say, “pain is beauty”. The right eyebrow was completed first and this was the more sensitive side. I couldn’t speak and just spent the time trying not to clinch my jaw in case it made the shape of my brows turn out different. The longer strokes were the worst because I didn’t know how long they were going to be.

Judi showed me the right side as soon as it was done. This was great motivation to get through the left and to keep going. The left wasn’t as bad and I was able to hold a conversation through this one. I sat up at the end to have a good look at them and I was over the moon. They looked so natural, besides the redness and swelling. My face was instantly transformed. Judi thoroughly explained the aftercare I needed to complete daily for 1 week and we made an appointment for me to return in 4 weeks for my top up. Music to my ears was the numbing agent that can be used on top up day.

I am so appreciative of the opportunity to get phi brows done and can’t wait to apply make up at the weekend after giving enough time for them to heal. To wake up with brows in the morning and not have to worry about accidentally rubbing them off during the day is such a treat. I feel great and will be eternally grateful to Judi and La Belladonna Hair and Beauty for this amazing transformation xxx ……………………..

To be continued

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