Make-Up Room

This room in our house has always been used for the boys, when they weren’t sleeping in there, they used it as their play room. It had cream and blue walls and nursery stickers of animals scattered around the place. With all the fuss in the last couple of months and the feeling of not being able to control my own body or make my own decisions about my future as a mother, I thought it was time to take it back for me. Create a sanctuary that I could escape to. And instead of it being referred to the baby’s room by everyone in the house it is now “Mammy’s Make Up Room”.

It wasn’t long after my operation that I made the decision to change the room. I took the week off work after my op and during that week on my hands and knees with tears streaming down my face I started to remove the stickers. A few of them were ok to get off, but the majority took some wall with them. It was a relief that day to take some control back. I organised the painter for a few weeks down the line and then I started to plan the décor.

I had to work around what was already in the room, like the built-in bed and the radiator. I wanted to keep the bed, as its always handy to have an extra bedroom. When Nathan was 20 months old we decided to move him into a bed. I am a space saver at heart so tried to think of the best way to utilise the room while not making it feel tiny. I bought a single bed and tried to run it under the window as pictured. However, it didn’t fit and this really frustrated me as it was only milometers out. Luckily my friends partner was a carpenter and it was Brian to the rescue.

I asked him to cut the bed in half and shave off those extra unwanted milometers. Then to somehow reconnect it and put four doors on the front. To the back of the bed there is a piece of wall the sticks out and I asked him to build me a box for book storage. It is shelved off at the height of the bed so that the kids didn’t disappear into Narnia when trying to pick a book out at night. This was all built from MDF and painted white. The mattress fits in snuggly between the two walls and it was the perfect room when the boys were growing up.

Brian also made the shutters on the windows that you have previously seen in our bedroom and it was because of this room that we decided to get them. For some reason, that I can’t figure out this room can get very cold in the winter. The temperature instantly went up 5/6 degrees when the shutters were closed. They were a great asset to keep in the heat as they are fully sealed around the edges and they keep the light out, so it’s easy to get the boys to bed in those bright evenings and to stay in bed longer in the mornings. These are made from Pine and have been stained. I’m toying with the idea of sanding them back and white washing them – but we’ll just have to see.

The bed provides great storage in such a small room, as I mentioned earlier the book box to the rear of the bed is still full of books. I am reluctant to get rid of them as the boys enjoy story time so much. Then under the bed is extra storage. I have the full size of the bed to store quilts, toys, boxes etc. There is also a wardrobe built in behind the door. When we moved in this was just shelved so we bought two rails and so we could hang up clothes. Now it’s just used for all the extra hangers, but hopefully when I get my cleaning hat on I will be able to move in my handbags, shoes and other accessories into it.

The bed is dressed in Ikea bed sheets that I got recently, which were only €12.00. They suited the colour scheme perfectly as I had chosen grey for the walls – which is Dulux Silverwood – and white for the furniture. Grey and white is the perfect combination, creating a crisp, clean feel to any space. But once you let grey into your life and into your house it takes over. I have a white sheet on the bed with no need for a valance with the freshly painted doors at the bottom. These are a feature in themselves. The pillows are duck feather and down. They are my preferable choice in a pillow, I just love how my head sinks into them at night and they nearly surround the sides of my head in a world of cosiness. I bought these on offer in HomeStore and More a couple of months ago, along with the quilt, protective pillow cases and a protective sheet for the mattress. Homestore and More is such good value and quality. A deal is always on hand to inspire you to make changes at home.

The radiator cover is an Oxford brand. It’s really heavy and sturdy and good quality. It was very simple to put together and just finishes the room perfectly. This cost €110.00 from Morrison’s catalogue in medium. I got two, one for this room and one for the boy’s room. The radiator had to be moved years ago when we were building in the bed as it was tight up against it. Our plumber, Tom, moved it with no hassle at all and it gave us more room to tuck in the sheets and now to fit the radiator cover.

Moving on to the makeup table in all its glory. This is from Ikea too and is the best buy I have ever made. Sean and I put it together in a few minutes and with its drawer for storage and the glass protective top hopefully it will last me a few years. It was a bargain at €100.00. The mirror is also from Ikea and cost only €19.00. I bought chrome plated wall lights with 5 bulbs on each for either side of the mirror as pictured below. These need to be wired in and is on my to do list, or at least on the electricians to do list 😊

To fill the drawer, I found plastic desk organisers in a pack of 6 i.e. one long tray, two half size trays and three small trays for €6.00 in Homestore and More. I got two the first day I was over there and went back a week later and they were on sale for €2/€3 a pack, so I picked up a couple more. Such great value and so beneficial for separating your make up. All the decorative heart lights, in white, are also from Homestore and More. I both these at half price and I think they are still reduced. The white pots that I am using to store my brushes are from Ikea and are only €2.50 for the small ones and €6.00 for the large ones.

Also on top of my make-up table are a few pieces from Homestore and More. A cotton pad dispenser, only 99p, a swivel box with three tiers at only €3.99, the black mirror with LED lights around it was €9.99. The grey heart hanging on the mirror is from Dunnes Stores, which was only €3/€4 and the LOVE wooden sign on top of the mirror was €5.00 from Dunnes. The tab boxes behind the bed are also from Dunnes ranging from €3.00 from the smallest one to €8.00 for the larger one. The big white cushion on the bed was moved from our room which is old stock from Dunnes Stores.

To finish the room, I want to get a nice chair or stool, I shared a few of my preferences yesterday on the shop page of my site. I want to get some nice frames for the walls so I can put some prints and pictures up and maybe a few more decorative pieces. Send me your suggestions if you like………

To be continued



All the links to each of the pieces is below:










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