Christmas is Coming

Winter is well and truly here, and Christmas is coming fast. With all the excitement of the 1st of December this Friday and the Toy Show that night, we decided to take down our Christmas decorations last night. It was the only night that suited, so we embraced the excitement. Sean went into the attic and started to gather the decorations, I was at the bottom of the ladder as he passed stuff down to me and the boys ran up and down the stairs bringing everything to the sitting room. It was great fun and for the first night in ages there were smiles everywhere, and the boys were in great form.

I started by unpacking the boxes and the bags, getting all the decorations out and organised. I put up the tree and fluffed out all the branches making sure there were no gaps. I took out my lights and wrapped them around the tree. I didn’t feel I had enough, so I didn’t decorate the tree last night. I have been getting inspiration from a few of the pictures I have included below, and I hope to try recreate this feel. These photos might help give you some inspiration too.

Over the years we have picked up decorations for the house and with the help of the kids we placed these around the sitting room. We call them our Christmas family and for 4 to 5 weeks of the year they keep us company and then they are carefully packed away into the attic for the next year.

I have also gathered a few garlands and every year they end up in a different place. They have been up the banisters, wrapped in lights, along the tops of the radiator covers and over mirrors and fireplaces. This year, however, I have put them in the kitchen. It is a room in the house that seems to miss out on the Christmas spirit as there are very few places to utilise. But I found the perfect spot. We got a new kitchen put in 2 years ago and I insisted on ceiling high cabinets as the gap above the previous presses was used to store a lot of junk. There is a small gap between the pelmet and the ceiling and the garlands I picked up in the 2 Euro shop fitted perfectly in here. I can’t remember what price they were, but they are adorned with acorns and berries and festive season to a more practical room.

I have a good garland that I bought when we first moved in and a set of lights to go with it over the radiator cover in the hall. This garland used to be placed over the fire place but as this was removed it was left without a home. Trying to bring Christmas throughout the house is an expensive task, so little touches here and there helps keep me from getting carried away. I find the best time to pick up the more expensive pieces are in the sales after Christmas. Last year I was able to get some outdoor lights and some hanging decorations for the tree.

The decorations used on my tree were purchased from Home Base in Portlaoise 2 years ago. I had changed the colour scheme in the house and wanted the tree to be more pinks and silver. At the time they had some beautiful pieces in stock and they were really good value. I also picked up a small tree for the boys to decorate, which was usually placed on the landing outside their door. However, this year there is a book shelf in the way and we decided against putting it in their bedroom in case it upset their allergies. It has been carefully placed in the sitting room on a table and will draw your eye as soon as you walk in the door. This was a bargain in Home Base 2 years ago and when I pick up extra lights later today the boys can decorate it.

Taking inspiration from the first photo I purchased white fun fur from Whyte’s Fabric shop on Cutlery Lane in Newbridge. I bought enough to wrap around the tree and also create a bed of fur underneath. The woodland creatures look amazing in this picture and I am on the hunt for a few to add to my collection. The lights on the tree are the warm white LED lights from Argos. They are great value and currently on 3 for 2 mix and match.

Christmas is an amazing time of year to just appreciate what you have, spend time with your loved ones and make sure your children have a great day and understand the importance of love and kindness. This year has been extremely tough for Sean and me, emotionally and financially with all the treatments. It’s a lot of stress to put on any relationship, but things happen for a reason and we have matured and become closer and more loving and respectful. The rest is up to faith and hope. This year Sean has taken the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, the first time since Nathan was born and I am really looking forward to spending our days visiting family and friends or just sitting at home playing board games with the kids and eating our way through all the treats – yum yum!!!!

I would like to wish you and all of yours a happy, warm and safe Christmas and maybe we could all try give back to our local community or to those less fortunate than us.

To be continued


Our Christmas Decor



Christmas Inspiration


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