Here you will find a link to my YouTube Channel – Inside Mammy’s World. This channel is dedicated to all the little people of the world who love stories and escape into a world of imagination.

We all have such busy lives and our children are becoming obsessed with youtube, tablets and interaction with a screen. I have witnessed how the things our children watch can influence their moods and behaviours.

My two boys love stories and a lot of the time I find that they relax so much when exploring their imagination and listening to me read, that they fall asleep. We have a house full of books and why not share those stories and try bringing a few more children on our adventures with us.

With regards to the meditation, my two boys have very different personalities, but something that works for both of them, is story meditation. I turn out the lights, put on some soothing music and get them to lie in their beds, starting with breathing exercises and body relaxing and then we begin our story. They get to float off into their imaginations on an exciting journey to the zoo, the beach, on a boat, and other fun places and they completely relax and get ready for a good night sleep.

Here is the link to my channel and I really hope that the little people in your life enjoy my videos. Please feel free to share with all your family and friends xxx.





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